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The 5 Best Gluten-Free Beers

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Going gluten-free means a lot more than skipping on the bread at meals. For a lot of adults, one of the most difficult aspects of cutting out gluten is accepting the fact that their favorite beer is now just a beautiful memory.

Gluten is found in wheat, barley, malt and rye — and most beers are made out of a combination of those ingredients. However, the rise of people following gluten-free diets has encouraged beer brewers to start focusing more on other ways to craft a brew, and there are a few types that are getting especially popular.

The 5 Best Gluten-Free Beers

After extensive taste tests, these 5 Gluten-Free Beers were our favorites. Find out which ones they are below!

That being said, there is also a reason gluten free beers aren’t taking over the market — price.

Gluten-free beers are generally more expensive than the standard domestic, and typically priced similarly to craft and imported beers.

Hopefully our breakdown of our top gluten-free beers can help you skip the taste tests and trial sessions and go right to something you can enjoy.

What You Need to Know About Gluten-Free Beer

First things first. Gluten-free beers will not taste the same as your old favorite.  If you are a fan of stouts and dark beers, you are going to have to make even more adjustments to your expectations.  (Sorry!)

Gluten-free beers are typically made with a combination of buckwheat or sorghum, and these grains work well in creating a lager or ale. IPAs are starting to enter the market, but stouts are still off the table for the most part.

Gluten-free beers are going to taste a bit tarter, and the flavor may be more subtle than a traditional beer. However, if you find the right style and label you might be surprised at how much you will enjoy gluten-free beer.

The 5 Best Gluten-Free Beers on the Market

If you think that beer is an acquired taste, wait until you taste your first gluten-free beer.

While I don't consider myself a professional beer-taster, I think I may have tried just about every gluten-free beer on the market.  As such, my palate has developed an appreciation for gluten-free beers over time.

As everyone's palate is uniquely tuned, you may not LOVE all of these, but I assure you that at some point in your gluten-free life, you'll learn to LIKE at least one.

Without any further ado, I give you the 5 Best Gluten-Free Beers based on recognition and a good, old-fashioned taste test:

Omission: Omission has the gluten-free market nearly covered with a high-quality lager, ale and IPA. I consider them the best tasting gluten-free, and a lot of that is thanks to their brewing process. Barley is used when crafting the beer, but it's put through a rigorous gluten removal process to make it suitable for any celiac drinker. PS – their Lager only has 140 calories!

Daura Damm: This is a Spanish beer that goes through a similar process to the Omission beer. It has a light and surprisingly powerful taste. If you're a a light beer drinker, this one will likely be your favorite.

Green's Lager: This is an all gluten-free beer, made from a combination of sorghum, millet, buckwheat and rice. To me, it tastes about as close to an American-style lager as you will find in the gluten-free market.

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale: Not all of Dogfish head’s beers are gluten-free, but the Tweason’ale is a special brew with a fruity twist. Made with the flavor of strawberry to add a little extra bite, it is a smooth yet complex beer that is both tart and sweet. This is pretty much the best summer gluten-free beer you’ll find.

New Planet: They make a collection of beers, but the raspberry ale is easily the best. This has a light and fruity complexion that is brewed with sorghum to keep it gluten-free friendly. They also have a great blonde ale that is worth checking out.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a cheap and easy draft while keeping gluten-free, ciders are usually readily available. Just double-check the label for the GF seal.

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